Holders of Detik Token now can enjoy more income and huge reward by staking their $DTK token here with Stakeit.Finance.

Holders of $DTK token now can enjoy more income and huge reward by staking their $DTK token plus $USDT bep20 token here with Stakeit.Finance. This liquid stake system will give the stake holders $USDT as a reward.

Quick and easy steps for registering your account

Referral Link

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Select your program

You can select either Native Staking or Liquid Staking.


Activate your program

Once you have selcted your program you must send enough token to the wallet and now you can activate your Native Staking or Liquid Staking and earn staking reward daily.





Native Token

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Happy Stakers

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Stakeit.Finance Detik Token manual – English

Stakeit.Finance Detik Token manual – Indonesian

Stakeit.Finance Detik Token manual – Malay

Package available :

  1. $100
  2. $500
  3. $1,000
  4. $5,000
  5. $10,000

When the staking contract ended, all the staked token will be returned to the owners wallet.

Native staking for DETIK ($DTK) Token have been stopped due to the Developer have reached its 1st phase staking for DNFT target.

All the staking is converted into vault system where the reward received will be lock until end of contract (180 days).


Stakers will need to have a minimum of usd $10 of $KIMCHI in your wallet as a vault fee to withdraw from Stakeit.Finance.

You need 3 types of token to activate the package, 25% of $kimchi, 25% $dtk and 50% of USDT BEP20 token.

For example; you want to register $100 package for Program Detik Liquid Staking, you need to input 10% of $kimchi worth $10, 40% $dtk worth $40 and 50% of USDT bep20 token worth $50.

Please ensure that you have the right token to perform the transaction.

Happy Kimchi Smart Contract : 0x29e25c58A358E77660bb5E0cEF9b9045B10C898a

USDT BEP20  Smart Contract : 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

Detik Token Smart Contract : 0x5d176404cc58227c2ebb88731a15b0acb6eae9c9

Vault will be locked for a 6 months period.

All the vault reward cannot be transfer external or internally.

Become A Liquitidy Provider for Happy Kimchi at PancakeSwap:

  1. Go to PancakeSwap > Liquidity
  2. Add Liquidity
  3. Input > Select Currency > BNB
  4. 2nd Box > Input > Select Currency $DTK or Paste Detik Token Smart Contract Address : 0x5d176404cc58227c2ebb88731a15b0acb6eae9c9
  5. Create DTK-BNB Cake LP wallet In Your Apps Wallet > Network : Binance Smart Chain > Smart Contract : -TBA- > Symbol : Cake-LP > Decimal : 18
  6. Your Detik-BNB Cake LP token will be automatically transfered to your wallet by PancakeSwap

To encourage our community to create more income and build a larger community, we offer affiliate program to all users.

All users can refer families, friends, or anyone just by sharing their referral link.

The introducer will receive 1% from the registered package in $kimchi.

For example A refer B, and B register $100. A will receive $1 in $kimchi.

To compliment the members and help grow the community we offer team bonus as compliment.

Package $100 & $500 : earn 0.1% from monthly passive income that their Tier 1 team receives.

Package $1,000 & $5,000 : earn 0.1% from their Tier 1 team and 0.05% from their Tier 2 team monthly passive income.

Package $10,000 : earn 0.1% from Tier 1 team, 0.05% from Tier 2 team and 0.01% from their Tier 3 team.

All bonuses will be paid in $kimchi

By staking your Detik token, you will earn $DTK up to 1.2% per day (see detail apy below).

Estimate earning calculation:

Registered package: $1,000; Earn 1.2% /day from $1,000 = $12; $12 devided by  current price of $detik ($0.023) = 521.73913 $DTK /day.

The amount of $DTK you received will vary according to current market price and package selected. The higher the price, the lesser $DTK you will receive.

Detail Package APY:

  1. $100; 0.8% /day – 180 days+
  2. $500; 0.8% /day – 180 days+
  3. $1,000; 1.2% /day – 180 days+
  4. $5,000; 1.2% /day – 180 days+
  5. $10,000; 1.2% /day – 180 days+

By staking your $kimchi + $dtk + USDT bep20 token, you will earn $USDT bep20 from 3% to 5% a month, up to 60% per annum.

Estimate earning calculation:

Registered package: $1,000; Earn 3.6% from $1,000 = $36 USDT bep20 token.

The percentage amount of $USDT you received will vary according to the confirmation nodes, market price fluctuation and trading activities.

Detail Package APY:

  1. $100; 0.1% perday – 20 months
  2. $500; 0.11% perday – 20 months
  3. $1,000; 0.12% perday – 20 months
  4. $5,000; 0.14% perday – 20 months
  5. $10,000; 0.16% perday – 20 months

To ensure the stability of the price for $dtk, $kimchi and liquid staking, the packages registered will be locked for 20 months period.

However, staking reward can be withdrawn every 28th of the month.

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