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Stakeit.Finance is your partner to effortlessly and trustlessly participate in emerging digital economies. We provide financial instruments and services on top of the leading DeFi and staking networks.

⚡️uperfriends Ecosystem

Stakeit.Finance ⚡️uperfriends Ecosystem  is a revenue sharing BSC which tokenizes Stakeit.Finance’s DeFi services and uses staking derivatives to unlock additional decentralized products. It distributes value generated by a basket of DeFi services to stakeholders.

Decentralised Finance

Stakeit.Finance supports a range of different DeFi services and derivative products via our revenue sharing ⚡️uperfriends. You can effortlessly deploy a range of strategies to maximise the return on your digital assets, including compounding, leveraging, swapping, arbitrage and staking-as-a-service, as well as earning DeFi fee revenue, via Pancakeswap.

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We achieve the highest possible level of security for our digital asset management by using HSM devices connected to our servers to sign transactions entirely offline.

Community Focused

By choosing Stakeit.Finance, you directly drive the development of tools and dApps on top of the DeFi and staking networks that we support.


We have partnered with the world leaders in cloud computing to provide a highly secure and available global infrastructure for our DeFi and staking services.

Our members say

This is awesome!! 🚀🚀 Powerful project. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Prisca Cherukei
This is a golden opportunity to all $kimchi & kimchi-bnb lp token holders. We are very lucky that there is a third party that works with Happy Kimchi to give the opportunity to all $kimchi holders.
Hana Ae Ri
Investment pays faster than hard work. Every rich man you see today invested, it's not just their hard work that make them who they are today. So don't let someone else opinion stop you from investing in $takeit.
Meryann Clinton
I was indeed waiting for the Kimchi-BNB LP token staking. I became a liquidity provider at PancakeSwap and I received a profit, staking here also received a profit. I've multiplied my profits with Happy Kimchi. Awesome 👍🏻
Alex Mirja




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